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GTV Rear Suspension Bushes...

This is the full Powerflex bush kit for the rear GTV suspension.

This kit includes 
PFR1-710 - GTV Rear Lower Swing Arm Outer Bush
PFR1-711 - GTV Swing Arm Mount Bush (Both Sides) 
PFR1-712 - GTV Rear Lower Inner Swing Arm Bush 
PFR1-713 - GTV Rear Lower Spring Inner Mount Bush 
PFR1-714 - GTV Rear Lower Spring Mount Outer Bush 

Price £169.99

Powerflex Front Suspension...

PFF1-1001 is a replacement bush that is 11% stiffer than the original rubber bush. For a camber adjustable version of this bush please use PFF1-1001G.

OEM Part Number: 50513442 SK2

Price £53.93

Powerflex Rear Trailing Arm...

PFR1-1010 has a freely-rotating sleeve design. This prevents torsional twist in the bush material, aiding performance, reliability and increasing longevity. In addition, our part represents great value as the original bush cannot be purchased separately, with complete arms costing £345.

Price £132.68

Powerflex Lower Engine...

Insert for the original bush. If fitting this to a diesel engined vehicle, an increase in noise and vibration is to be expected. This should be considered as a performance upgrade, not a standard replacement.

OEM Part Number: 50521924

OEM Part Number: 50521925

Price £19.09